An Exceptional Year of Growth, Impact, & Innovation


In 2017, gamers delighted in countless awe-inspiring titles from publishers and developers of all stripes. We here at ESA consider it a privilege to serve the most dynamic and engaging of all industries and communities and look forward to fostering future years of extraordinary success.

Protecting Our Future


From nurturing a diverse and robust pool of talent through the ESA Foundation to educating policymakers on emerging trends and technology, in 2017, ESA expanded on its efforts to protect the industry’s future.

E3 2017


Between the tens of thousands of people, the never-before-seen video games, and the breathtaking sights at E3 2017, a flurry of other activities vital to the future of games took place.

Leading the Nation


The US video game industry is growing every year, both geographically and financially. Serving the business and public affairs needs of a growing video game industry requires a geographically diverse approach to ESA’s activities as well.

International Collaboration and Leadership


From Latin America to the Asia-Pacific, ESA collaborates and engages with international partners and policymakers on behalf of US companies, knowing the success of the US video game industry is incontrovertibly linked to the health of the global video game business and policy environment.

How ESRB Is Evolving

to Keep Ratings Accessible and Relevant


Whether it’s ensuring that ESRB ratings are available to consumers on whatever device they play games, to adapting industry marketing guidelines to include newer methods of advertising like social media, to addressing evolving privacy regulations around the world—the ESRB is meeting challenges head-on across all fronts.

Canada’s Federal Government Determined to be a Force for Innovation


By positioning itself as a forthright partner to the Canadian government in the first Trudeau mandate, ESAC has developed positive relationships that are bearing fruit.

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