Build a Hen House by Myself?

Everyone knows that housing is an important part of everyone’s lives. It’s the place to take shelter and refuge, to relax, and to rest. A lot of people, unfortunately, don’t have enough money to buy their own house. There are lots of people who rent house or stay with their siblings, parents, or families. If they want to work extra hard and spend extra time, they can actually build their own house.

Building a house isn’t cheap. That’s why people should plan everything carefully and in detail. They should also look for trustworthy and reliable builders that are going to help them through the building process. Although people shouldn’t rush things to get everything done quickly, they shouldn’t delay things either. Good builder will know the exact time frame to get everything completed. After planning the house and talking to the builder, people should find the money required for the building. They can borrow from banks and get housing mortgage. Once they’ve done the initial planning program, they can start the technical program.

When building a house, the home owners should know what the builder’s doing. They should observe and monitor the building progress. They should know what the builder will do when building a new house, such as: สร้างบ้าน

• Finding the right location and assess the availability of the site. Once it’s done, the preparation can be completed.

• Constructing the foundation.

• Installing the house frame.

• Installing the doors and windows.

• Making roofs and siding. Siding is especially important to protect the house from rain.

• Installing rough electricity wiring, plumbing, and AC system.

• Working on insulation work. Insulation is a heat transfer system installed on the wall and ceiling. This step is important if home owners want to have low cost of house heating and cooling system.

• Installing dry wall.

• Doing underlayment work.

• Trimming and painting.

• Working on bathroom and kitchen area.

• Finishing electrical and plumbing.

• Doing carpeting and flooring.

• Doing well drilling or setting up water main.

• Installing septic or drainage system.

The installation of each part can be done by the main builder or by sub-builder. Sub-builder is also called as sub-contractor. A sub contractor is a service company that specializes in certain area. For example, for installing the windows and doors, the sub-contractor for window and door will do the work. For installing the electrical system, the subcontractor for electrical area will do the project. Each subcontractor is organized and managed by main builder. That’s why it’s important to choose good and reliable builder because they will work with other good and reliable building service. The builder is also the one that will organize everything during the building work. Of course, home owners can choose each sub-contractor they like, but it will require a lot of time and energy.


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