Brief guidance of Exchange Trading Funds

These days, the word ETFs is trading on social media and in the news. Due to this all, people are also taking interest in it but sadly they don’t have much info about it so far. If you are too one of these people, this article is for you where we will get to know many things about trade ETFs.

ETFs are a kind of Mutual fund but still, they are not exactly mutual funds. There are many changes between the mutual fund and ETFs. The full form of ETFs is Exchange-traded funds. In the past 5 years, the demand for this trade has increased a lot. That is the reason people are taking more interest in this these days. Etsy calculation is not for on a daily basis. Here fluctuations in prices occur through the purchase and sale of the ETFs.


There are not just one or two but many types of ETFs. Let’s know some of them.

Index ETFs

It is the most common form of Etf. Here the assets are managed passively. Here also the stocks of different companies are purchased in equal proportion.

Stock ETFs

With the help of these ETFs, a user can expose himself to different companies, even without buying any individual company’s stock.

Bond ETFs

This Etf is known for its monthly pay-outs.

Commodity ETFs

These ETFs belong to the invest in commodities like silver, gold or any other valuable materials. This ETFs is mainly done for future growth.

Just like these some of the other let’s are currency ETFs,  Actively Managed ETFs, Leveraged ETFs and Inverse ETFs.


There are not just one or two but many advantages. Let’s know some of the very typical ones.

The very first advantage of ETFs is that you can invest in this even with a single stock or share. That is the reason it is going to be more and more popular among people.

In ETFs trades, you need not worry about the limitations of making changes, unlike the mutual funds where you can change in trade just once a day and that is to get the end of the day while closing the stock. In ETFs, you can change the way of trading any time a day.

In ETFs, you have to pay less tax as compared to mutual funds. Just like these, there are many benefits of it over mutual funds.


Nothing is there in this world which has only advantages. ETFs are also no exception.

Etf is known for its low expense ratio also. However, due to some additional fee or services, sometimes you may have to pay even more than in mutual funds. Before investing, you can check other information like quote rankloser at



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